Sell Old Notes & Coins: Complete Process, Prices 2023

People now collect old banknotes and coins, and they can make a respectable living by buying and selling them. As a hobby, many people amass old banknotes and coins; the study of coin collecting is known as numismatics.

However, some who own old notes and coins do not know the technique to sell these significant notes and coins on the market. Many people today make money by selling antique notes and coins.

We will include information about selling ancient coins and bills in this article. Additionally, we will give details on the entire procedure for selling old bills and coins as well as their prices in 2023.

Old Coins & Notes for Sale Online

Old banknotes and coins may turn out to be worth more than one might expect. If used appropriately, old coins and money might bring good fortune to the owner.

The fact that many coin collectors or other customers are willing to pay a good price for coins that have lost their legal value will astound someone who collects antique banknotes and coins.

When it comes to the Indian market, persons who trade antique coins frequently make thousands or even lakhs of rupees. Additionally, it is possible to buy and sell vintage coins and money online. Here, we’ll talk about the online marketplaces where we can sell used currency.

India Has Old Notes and Coins for Sale

The 10 paisa coins that were released between 1957 and 1963 can be found if we browse several well-known websites that engage in the trade of selling antique Indian notes and coins. They are referred to as the first coins issued in independent India.

These coins also had a diameter of 23 mm, weighed around 5 grammes, and were made of copper-nickel metal. How they are portrayed on the front includes a picture of the Ashoka Pillar on one side and the word Bharat on the other.

Complete Coin Selling Procedure

It’s not particularly challenging to sell old coins and bills. There are numerous websites where you may sell coins and bills. They’ll give you a sizable sum in return. OLx, eBay, Indian Coin Mill, and other internet marketplaces are part of the entire coin-selling process.

To achieve the greatest price, those who are now considering selling their bills and coins must first conduct the necessary research.

Only those who can give them the most money in exchange for their collection may purchase from them. The websites or businesses with the most transparent processes and industry expertise will be chosen. Be careful in your decisions and avoid falling for unethical ones.

Selling Coins: The Full Procedure

It is not advisable to sell outdated bills and coins quickly. You should treat the collection you’ve owned for a long time and that has been handed down through the generations with the utmost respect and tenderness.

The following actions should help you, hopefully:

  • You must first decide which platform you will use to sell your coins and bills.
  • After that, you may go straight to the antique shop, download the app, or go to the official website.
  • Create an account in accordance with the requirements of the platform if you are selling online. You must disclose specific information, such as your name, a working mobile number, or an email address.
  • After that, you must post a photograph that was correctly taken so that the buyer can like, choose, and buy your antique coin or note.
  • Then give your cost. Buyers will examine the image and price before making a purchase.
  • You will then receive payment for the sold item in accordance with the terms and conditions. The host website might take up a portion of the traffic.

2023 Old Notes and Coins Prices

The coins can be sold online or to any nearby merchant who sells coins or bills. Compared to the ones we use now, the antique coins and notes had distinct embossing, weight, designs, colours, and patterns.

The coins and notes provided evidence of the times at which they were in circulation. Make a price determined after carefully examining the metal, denomination, obverse, and reverse.

Surprisingly, the prices for vintage and antique items are relatively high. The customers afterwards sell them at an auction around the world to make additional money.

You can get an approximate range of what your old coins or notes can be from websites. All of the ancient beauties are individually listed in the old coin value guide. The market worth of these coins and bills will astound you.

Use Rbi Instead Of Old Notes And Coins.

Here is another application for old coins and bills. What if we made a change so that you could replace old coins and bills that you weren’t using any longer?

The rickshaw driver is refusing to accept the coins and notes, and the fruit vendor is similarly refusing to accept the worn-out or damaged coins. Regarding this, the Reserve Bank of India has issued an official notification.

There are lots of people here that enjoy collecting ancient coins and bills. Those who have been accumulating notes or coins for a long time now can replace them with more recent and superior ones. The RBI provided comprehensive information about this on its website.


Coins and bills On a variety of internet venues, coin collectors can sell their coins. The paragraphs above mentioned two internet sites. Quikr is an additional online marketplace for buying and selling used coins.

In this case, the user must also register before they may sell their used currency. Buyers must be careful not to make any payments of this nature that do not include a receipt for the payment.

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