PUBG Redeem Code Today 18th January 2023 PUBG Mobile Redeem Code

On 18th January 2023, PUBG Mobile is going to launch Redeem Codes which can be used for checking new Skin, UCs, Rewards, and much more.  

At the moment, PUBG Mobile is one of the leading mobile games ever and for sure, everyone loves to play the game. There are plenty of premium things in the game like Cool Outfits, Gun Skins, and other prizes which are not for free.

We have to pay real money to buy all the items. But with the help of the PUBG Redeem Code Today, the things will be free of cost.

PUBG Redeem Code Today (18th January 2023)

PUBG Redeem Code Today

As an alternative to paying money to buy UC to buy different items in the game, you just have to use PUBG Redeem Codes, and you will get the latest outfits and gun skins in the game.

In this article, we will be discussing how you can take PUBG Mobile to redeem codes for free and how you can use them in your gaming app.

With the help of this article, you will get to know about many helpful things like what is a redeem code, how to use it, and where to get a 250% working PUBG Redemption code.

With the help of these redeem codes, you can legendary item, emotes, characters, and popularity. In this article, multiple working PUBG Redeem codes will be provided.

With the help of this article, you can obtain kinds of stuff like a Free Royal pass, M821 skins, outfits, dance moves, and emotes.

Updated Codes On 18th January 2023:-

  • E7M7 D6RA WO78
  • 73QD RH8Y GZOD
  • 3JLS T3U5 XBST
  • RS3T 9Y2O PV83
  • O8QM DD9F 2NGC
  • CWZS L09A 8ZZE
Redeem codes forPUBG Mobile
DeveloperTencent Holdings Ltd.(PUBG)/ Krafton Inc.(BGMI)
Redeem Code SourceDiscords, Reddit sites, Live streams, etc
Number of redeem codesPubg codes are daily updated on our blog
PUBG Redemption Center Official
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👉🏻Live18th January 2023

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What is PUBG Redeem Code?

As the name suggests, Redeem Code can be used for redemption in any game. In the case of PUBG Mobile, Redeem code is a 25-digit unique mixed code of character and number bases code.

This code, you will get different rewards in the game for free. PUBG Mobile has many premium items which can be taken using the UCS.

To get in-app purchase items, you need to buy UCS. If you have redeemed codes, you can just use these codes to get premium items without wasting hard money.

How To Use PUBG Redeem Code Today?

To use the PUBG Mobile redeem codes, you will have to go to the PUBG redemption center placed on their official website. On the website, you will find the page shown below and you have to enter your Character ID, Redeem Code, and Verification Code. The entire process for the redemption of code is mentioned below.

  • First of all, visit the official PUBG mobile website and click on the redemption center link.
  • After that, A new page will open up where you will a form.
How to use PUBG Redeem Code Today?
  • In the form, which is looked like mentioned above, Enter your character ID which you can get from your PUBG Game profile.
  • After that, enter the PUBG redeem code that you have in the redeem code section.
  • There is a Captcha verification code at the end, Enter the verification code in the blank section.
  • Last click on the yellow-colored “REDEEM’ button.

Watch This Video Guide On How To Use PUBG Mobile Codes

PUBG Mobile Redeem Codes (Working)

Redeem codes get invalidated with time and you will need fresh codes. We update 250% working PUBG Mobile Redeem codes on our website, and you can take them from here.

Redeem CodeReward
DKJU10GTDSM2100 Silver Fragments
DKJU8LMBPYFree Silver Fragments
MIDASBUYfree rename card & room card
EKJONARKJOUnlimited M821 Gun Skins
BBKTZEZET8PUBG Operation Leo Set Legendary Outfit
BBVNZBZ8M10Free PUBG Football & Chicken Popularity
BBKVZBZ8FW8 Red Tea Popularity
BBKRZBZBF108 Free PUBG Cannon Popularity

PUBG Redeem Code Godzilla Vs Kong

The latest PUBG game provides an update of Godzilla vs Kong. And everybody loved it. There are different prizes in this update that can be snapped using Godzilla vs Kong Redeem codes. We have given the PUBG Mobile redeem codes for the Kong VS Godzilla version mentioned below.


Midasbuy PUBG Redeem Code Today

Midasbuy is certified by PUBG to sell in-game purchase items to PUBG users. Midasbuy redeems codes are not the same as the PUBG Mobile codes. You can use Midasbuy to buy UCs right into your account.

Midasbuy PUBG redeem code can be used at the checkout time on the Midasbuy website. You can get anything from the Midasbuy website using this code.

PUBG Glacier Skin Redeem Codes

PUBG Glacier Skin Redeem Codes

The highly esteemed and enjoyed gun in the PUBG mobile game is M821 and games love to embellish it. The Glacier skin of M821 is cool and every gamer wants to update the M821 gum skin with Glacier skin. M821 Glacier skin can get by the redeem code or by spending money directly.

Frequently Asked Question

What is a Redeem Code in PUBG Mobile?

-It is a code that gets you premium rewards for free in PUBG Mobile.

 How long is PUBG Redeem Code?

-It is 25 digits long.

How can I use Redeem code?

-You can use this code in the PUBG redemption center. The complete process is discussed on this page.

Do I need to pay for redeeming codes?

-No, Redeem codes are free.

How many times does one redeem code can be used?

-One Redeem code can be used once per account.

Can we create redeem code on our own?

-No, these codes are generated by officials only.

Final Words

We hope you have got what you were looking for! in this article we will keep updating the Pubg redeem codes on regular basis. If you got the Pubg codes worked please make sure to share this post with your friends.

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