Kim Jong-Un Health News (Is he ill, or it’s a rumor?)

Recent incidents include Kim Jong-un missing his grandfather’s April 15 birthday celebration. One of the most significant occasions throughout the year is commemorating the birth of the country’s founder.

Kim Jong-un has never failed to attend, so it seemed quite unlikely that he would decide to skip it entirely. His absence would inevitably spark rumors and speculation, but it is challenging to back up any of them.

Kim Jong-7un’s recent media appearance was on April 12 and was presented in a handout without a date as him “inspecting a chase attack aircraft group.”

As usual, the photos conveyed his serene and content appearance. We are informed by reports from the official media that he presided over a significant political meeting the day before. He hasn’t been seen since, though.

Additionally, there was no mention of his presence at a rumored missile test the week before in state-run media.

However, he can be seen in most photos taken at these events. Even in the best conditions, reporting on North Korea is incredibly difficult; therefore, most speculation is predicated on changes from past trends.

The already reclusive state, which shut its borders at the end of January because of the Covid-19 epidemic, is under even stricter restrictions.

Health news On Kim Jong Un

The biggest festival in North Korea was celebrated on April 15 with a ceremony, although Kim Jong Un was not present. Kim Il Sung, Kim’s grandfather, and the country’s first leader was born on this day and passed away in 1994.

Strangely, none of the state-run media channels have published photographs of a recent weapons test, which often show the leader watching and nodding in approval.

Furthermore, the absence of any direct quotes from Kim in any of the nation’s public announcements has been exceptional.

This has led to considerable media speculation that 36-year-old Kim Jong-un is either recovering from major surgery, is very ill, or has passed away.

United States intelligence has also been working nonstop to determine what, if anything, is happening.

Is he ill, or it’s a Rumour?

While all this is going on, North Korean media outlets have said nothing about the rumors that are going around and have carried on as usual.

The general assumption is that there is nothing to see here and everything is functioning regularly, even if they publish old (or obsolete) statements from Kim concerning the economy and other topics.

That makes sense as a reason. Kim, however, has a habit of going missing for several weeks at a time before abruptly reappearing as if nothing had happened.

The coronavirus has hit the nation, and the dictator may be taking precautions to avoid getting sick. Furthermore, rumors could spread quickly in North Korea due to the secrecy culture, regardless of how unlikely they may seem.

Given that North Korea had just conducted a number of missile tests, it was extraordinary. The South Korean legislative elections were also slated to take place the following day.

Nevertheless, the dictatorship frequently conducts nuclear tests around major holidays or key political events. Therefore, this specific event is not noteworthy in and of itself.

The North Korean media, on the other hand, remained deafeningly silent about the tests. North Korea’s state-controlled media frequently posts images of the test within a few hours of it taking place.

Kim Jong-un can be seen beaming while looking at the explosions in these photos. However, a South Korean news organization run by North Korean defectors published a report on Monday, April 20, stating that Kim Jong Un had recently undergone heart surgery and was recovering “in a villa outside of Pyongyang.” The report mentioned “several sources,” which stoked rumors that something suspicious was happening.

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