Monkeypox Disease Symptoms, Treatment & Precautions

Monkeypox Disease Symptoms, Treatment & Precautions

The rare disease known as monkeypox has only one known cause, the monkeypox virus. Monkeypox is a zoonotic virus with a milder clinical course than smallpox (a virus that spreads from animals to people). It has smallpox-like symptoms. Since smallpox was declared extinct in 1980 and subsequent smallpox vaccinations were halted, monkeypox has supplanted smallpox … Read more

Vaccine Certificate Download By Name At (Direct Link Sep 2022)

Vaccine Certificate Download By Name At

As we know that over 90% of Indians have been fully vaccinated and after getting the vaccine, they also got covid-19 vaccine certificate. There are many ways from which you can get a covid-19 certificate. You will find all of the information from here to the vaccine certificate download by Name. as we are supervising … Read more

Digital Health ID Card (October 2022)

Digital Health ID Card

Digital Health ID Card: The Concept of The Digital Health ID Card 2022 is started by the government of India to start digitizing the health record. This functionality is available on the Health ID official handle which is This Modi Health Card let you save all your medical data online on a single digital card … Read more