BGMI – PUBG C3S8 Royal Pass M15/M16 Tier List, RP Rewards: Free Royal Pass & UC Giveaway

PUBG Global and Battlegrounds Mobile India will release BGMI C3S8 RP & Elite pass in the period from 19 September to 17 November 2022.

All the players of Battlegrounds who want to know the weekly mission for month 15 and month 16, RP Price, RP Rewards, code, C3S8 Time duration, RP Giveaway and tier wise reward, and many more things, then this article is especially for those gamers.

In this article, you will get to know all the info about PUBG global and India rewards that are the same and this time you will additionally get a complimentary character coupon to get free Andy, Carlo, Sara, Anna (new), vector characters.

PUBG Season C3S8 RP Rewards:

The PUBG Company and Tencent jointly announce a new season also 2.2 updates that will make many brand-new aspects to the game by adding up a different theme mode mirror world, arcane monster, piggyback function, and many features that you definitely take a look at.

PUBG- BGMI C3S8 M15/M16 Royal Pass:

There are some important key points which are in the table mentioned below and you should take a look before checking further free elitepassess and RP weekly mission-wise free rewards and RP 2022.

Game NamePUBG Global, BGMI
SeasonCycle 3 Season 8 (C3S8)
Monthly PassM15 and M16
RP Price300UC (300 UC)
BGMI 2.2 Update
C3S8 M15 dates20-9-2022 to 19-10-2022
C3S8 M16 Dates19-10-2021 to 17-11-2022
RP Giveaway resultUpdate soon
Month 1 RP RewardsAvailable
Month 15 RP Rewards

PUBG C3S8 Tier list, Points, and Rewards:

The new character “Anna” has been released in this new season. To get a new character “Anna”, a character voucher is the best way.

This voucher is especially for characters who used to buy free characters in BGMI or PUBG and to get a free legendary character.

This C3S8 Season also declares a few new stages following an Ace where players will also get some additional rewards.

The table given below shows the required points to enter a new level and that points can be gained by winning games or getting a plus in every match.

The tier name, tier points, and rewards that will be awarded are shown below.

Tier NameRewardsTier Points
Bronze Tier10 Silver fragments, Season token1000-1700
Silver TierFree c3s8 Eyeglasses1700-2200
Gold TierOutfit C3S8 Set2200-2700
Platinum TierC3S8 parachute skin2700-3200
Diamond TierSKS Shotgun skin3200-3700
Crown Tier3 Tier Protection card3700-4200
Ace TierC3S8 Ace Mask, Parachute4200-4700
Ace Master TierClassic Create coupons, Hair4700-5200
Ace Dominator TierC3S8 Ace dominator avatarMore then 5200
Conqueror Tier RewardC3S8 Conqueror Avatar FrameTop 500 Rank server Rank

PUBG- BGMI M15 RP 1 to 50 Rewards:

The Month 15 C3S8 Missions wise Rewards for both free elite passes and RP Players are shared in this part of the article. The passes buy the 300 UC Royal pass for one time. The players need to look out for the respective missions for wee1 and for further weeks.


  • Groovy Pack Set and Music Star Win 94
  • Magical Night Helmet, Magical Night Ornament, and Smoke Grenade
  • Cute Clown Finish Plane
  • Midas Fortune Mythic Emote
  • Drum Sensation – DP28
  • Choice between – Midas
  • Exited Dance Emote
  • Fairytale Scarecrow
  • Fortune Set and Cover and Clairvoyant Fox Set and Cover

PUBG- BGMI M16 RP 50 to 100 Rewards:

This information is useful for those who have elite pass and Rp players who has the 300 UC Royal Pass for one and month 16 C3S8 mission.


  • DJ Dancer Set, DJ Dancer Cover, and Grain Revolution UMP – 45
  • Visage Smoke Grenade
  • Cupid Ornament
  • Unknown Destination Plane Finish
  • Masked Crusader Emote
  • Color Explosion – AKM
  • Hip Hop Scarecrow Set and Hip Hop Scarecrow Cover
  • Cute Cactus – QBZ
  • Wild Dance Emote
  • Dynamic Beat – SLR
  • Masked Crusader Set and Masked Crusader Cover

PUBG C3S8 M15/ M16 Weekly Mission List:

Players have to finish weekly plus daily missions in the game to accumulate that RP 1 TO 50 Rewards for each season that has been cited above.

To pass the mission, a mission card is a option or you can do is play directly with some random player or friend. Please visit the RP tab portion to know the week 1, 2, 3, and 4 missions in complete information.

  • Mission Available for Week 1
  • Mission Available for Week 2
  • Mission Available Soon for Week 3
  • Mission Available Soon for Week 4

Free UC and C3S8 Royal Pass Giveaway Running:

For those who doesn’t have elite pass and if they need royal pass then the best option is giveaway. You can take part in our RP Freebie competitors that are running for the C3S8 M15 Pass at this time.

The developer has announce the latest link for the latest redemption codes to get some legendary weapons for free. To participate in the giveaway, you just need to do is to comment the name in the comment box mentioned below.

Free Rp will be given after picking up the winners. The amount of Rp will be 5-10 Rp. The selection of the winners is done by a software known as the comment random picker software and the contest winners will be informed via e-mail communication and we mentioned them in the comments section.


Every gaming company releases this type of Giveaway to increase the morale of players. As players, they should not miss the chance of giveaways and take the opportunity and boost the gameplay.

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