Antim Movie Collection: Total Box Office Earnings Till Date

This movie is in Hindi. The action-thriller Antim: The Final Truth’s box office performance. This film is directed by Mahesh Manjrekar, and Salman Khan is also a producer under his Salman Khan Films label in association with Zee Studios.

In Antim: The Final Truth, Salman Khan, Aayush Sharma, Mahima Makwana, Sachin Khedekar, Sayaji Shinde, and Mahesh Manjrekar all have prominent roles.

Antim Movie Library

Salman Khan recently talked about the poor box office results of Antim: The Final Truth. According to Salman, people initially avoided viewing the movie in theatres because of the rumour that the Tiger Zinda Hai star will make a cameo appearance.

The actor did point out that he plays a key role in the film, though. I think the word of mouth that I’m in the movie is doing a lot better for it, he said.

I used to be thought to have only been on screen for five to fifteen minutes. It is untrue, though. The rumour vanished when they viewed the film.

Box office revenue for the film Antim

The Antim Box Office Collection’s Day 2 saw the eventual release of Antim: The Final Truth in theatres. After the film’s release, Salman Khan’s followers developed an interest in it.

The first time Bhai Jaan and his real brother-in-law Aayush Sharma are portrayed together are in Antim: The Final Truth. The movie received rave reviews and did well at the box office. Antim has already made more than 5.5 crores at the box office.

Salman Khan’s admirers have not let him down by displaying their feelings for him. He has similarly won his supporters’ hearts with his acting. More than 800 theatres around the nation have screened this movie.

Total Movie Collection for Antim

The Antim story comes to an end here. Ahead of time, movie buffs should get tickets to see their favourite actors in Antim.

Antim: The Final Truth evaluations – There is a list of Antim’s evaluations available below. However, we have gathered opinions from several significant cities, including Chandigarh, Bangalore, Delhi, Bombay, and Jaipur.

Based on this, many have commended Salman Khan and Aayush Sharma for their performances. Check out the opinions of the following individuals: –

Those who have seen Antim agree that it is a fantastic action movie. Second, moviegoers awarded this movie an 8 out of 10. You can understand the supporters’ emotions as a consequence.

India Today gave the movie three out of five stars. You now have access to some authentic Antim, the ultimate truth movie reviews from throughout the nation.

Antim Movie Grosses

Salman Khan and Aayush Sharma’s highly anticipated action film “Antim-The Final Truth” has been a box office success since its release last Friday.

With a total of 2.77 crore nett, the movie has maintained its place at the box office after a good run. The movie’s five-day total is now 23.75 crore net, according to

It may finish the first week at a net revenue of $29 crore. Salman Khan’s movie is currently the second-highest grossing among post-pandemic films, according to the current trend.

The expected collections for the first and second days were 5,03,00,000 and 6,03,00,000, respectively. After its opening weekend, the movie made an estimated 18,61,00,000, with Sunday’s sales amounting to about 7,55,00,000.

Up to Now Antim Collection

Box office earnings for Salman Khan’s Antim on November 27, 2021. Antim: The Final Truth is directed by Mahesh Manjrekar. It is a gangster drama involving an altercation between a thug and Sikh police.

Rahulya (Aayush Sharma) was up in a small town outside of Pune and wanted to become the most powerful don in the area. Ganya, a close friend of his, acts as his right hand in all of his wrongdoings.

Rajveer Singh (Salman Khan) was irritated by Rahulya’s power and ties with politicians since he can always get out of police custody.

Rahulya rises to the top as a goon with ease. After attaining so much power, he ruins his connections with his family and Manda, his sweetheart (Mahima Makwana).   At every crime, he sends his follower Ganya, an orphan boy he adopts, dressed as Sidhu.

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