• The hospital provides round the clock ambulance service to the patients.
  • ICU Ambulance, Cardiac Ambulance, General ambulance
       Visitor's Policy

The hospital has a clear visitor's policy which gives broad guidelines for the visitors to follow.

  • Visitors must be in fair health and free of communicable diseases.
  • Children below the age of 10 years are NOT ALLOWED.
  • Visitors must follow all the rules of the hospital.
  • They shall be limited to not more than two per patient.
  • They must have the visiting pass issued by the hospital authority at the time of admission ( Yellow pass)
  • Visitors are not allowed to bring food or beverages from outside the hospital.
  • Visiting Hours
  • Daily 5.00 pm to 6:30 pm.
  • he same timings are applicable to  the Intensive care Unit and Cardiac Care Unit.
  • Patient Attendant’s Policy
  • Only one attendant is permitted to stay with the patient.
  • No attendants are permitted to stay without the primary physician's order.
  • Attendants must observe the rules of the hospital.
  • Attendants are responsible for their personal hygiene and food requirement.
  • Attendants are allowed for seven days with a proper pass ( WHITE PASS ) provided by the hospital. (This may be extended if required.)
  • Attendants must be in fair health and must be adults.

  • The hospital has  two categories of wards; General ward and Private ward.
  • Each General ward consists of 30 beds.
  • The hospital has a 24-bedded private ward .

Discharge Planning:

  • A management plan is formulated at the time of admission including your probable discharge date.
  • Follow-up treatment is advised at the time of discharge.
  • If any dietary planning has to be done the dietician is available for the same.

The hospital has three wings of Pharmacy Units.

  • Mini Unit Pharmacy
  • Outpatient Pharmacy
  • In-patient Pharmacy

The outpatient Pharmacy caters to all out-patients of BMHRC. The inpatient Pharmacy caters to all the inpatients and special out patient clinics. The Pharmacist educates the patient about use of medications, side effects, dosage, and need of compliance.

       Diet Clinic

The Unit of Clinical Nutrition runs clinic for patient education to help in planning their meals for special needs, like for food allergies or Diabetes Mellitus, dyslipidemia, chronic renal failure etc.

The hospital provides food to all patients. The menu is prepared as advised by the treating doctors. The dietician visits the patients and looks after their special needs.

Meal Timings

  • BREAKFAST: 7.00 AM to 7.30 AM
  • LUNCH: 12.30 PM to 1.00 PM
  • EVENING TEA: 3.30 PM to 4.00 PM
  • DINNER: 7.30 PM to 8.00 PM
    Public Relations Dept.

The hospital has a Public Relations Department which deals with the inquiries of patients, their relatives or other visitors. The Public Relations Officer (PRO) helps in locating various clinics, patients services, facilities etc.

  • The PRO also deals with Media Affairs and Health Education.
  • Any Empanelment queries may be directed to the PRO.

A casualty department attends to emergency cases 24 hours a day.

    Accounts Section

  • Paying patients shall have to deposit some money for treatment at the time of admission.
  • The patient should demand a receipt at the time of depositing the money. It is the responsibility of the patient or his relatives to keep the original receipt safely. In case of refund no payments would be made unless the original receipt is produced.
  • In case of any queries regarding billing, Contact billing section.

Administrative Block, Ground floor.

Contact No: +91-755-2742212 Extn: 6017.

   Medical Records Dept.

Services provided by the medical records section include: copies of medical reports, translation of reports, visit statement, notices of births and deaths etc.  It is located at the Ground floor, Ophthalmology & Neurosciences block. MRD can be contacted by telephone.

Contact No: +91-755-2742212 Extn. 2108

    Relative's Stay

The hospital provides accommodation for relatives of admitted patient at a Hospitality House (Sarai) just outside the main gate of BMHRC. This can be booked through Public Relations Department as per the availability.

Charges for each room is Rs 200/- per day.

Contact No: +91-755-2742212 Extn. 6509


There are 2 Cafeteria / Canteens in the premises to fulfill the day to day food requirements of attendants, visitors and hospital staff.

  • Staff Canteen: Only for BMHRC staff. It is located next to the Dept. of Anesthesia & Critical care on first floor of BMHRC building.
  • Visitor’s Canteen: Patient’s attendant and visitors can buy meals and snacks at the cafeteria. It is located in a separate building near the main hospital.
    Guest House


BMHRC has a state of art air-conditioned auditorium with 150 seats. It has the latest audiovisual equipment: LCD projector, overhead projector, Slide projectors and VCR and Sound Reinforcement System which caters to the conferences and seminars of the hospital.


The hospital provides free accommodation to all the staff including resident doctors on  the campus premises.

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