Homage to Gas Victims Circular No : BMHRC/ADMIN/F.No.AAO-69/2018/9377
Posted Date 02-Dec-2019
Revised Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Equipment received in BMHRC, Bhopal of value Rs. 10 lakh and above
Posted Date 22-OCT-2019
Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for inventory managment for capital assets
Posted Date 27-Sep-2019
National Entrepreneurship Award 2019 : Request For Nominaton/Self-nomination Advocacy
Posted Date 19-Aug-2019
Circular: BMHRC/Admin/2019/8454
Posted Date 13-JULY-2019
Scientific and Publication of Research Papers on Ayush drugs and Treatment by Non Ayush Researchers/Scientists
Posted Date 02-July-2019
Post Exposure Prophylaxis for HIV
Posted Date 04-May-2019
Declaration of the head of office in BMHRC, Bhopal No : BMHRC/ADMIN/2019/8454
Posted Date 02-May-2019
Office Memorandum for Children Education Allowance under 7th CPC
CEA Form
Posted Date 19-Mar-2019
Cyber Safety - Hindi
Cyber Safety - English
Posted Date 22-Feb-2019
Ref. NO BMHRC/ADMIN/Retirement/2018/7923
Posted Date 29-Dec-2018
Ref. NO BMHRC/Administration/order/2018/7898
Posted Date 15-Dec-2018
Regarding Official Stationery Circular No: DIR/BMHRC/CIRCULAR/2018/574
Posted Date 04-Dec-2018
Homage to Gas Victims Circular No : BMHRC/ADMIN/F.No.AAO-69/2018/7830
Posted Date 01-Dec-2018
Closure of office/ holiday on M.P State Legislative Assembly Election on 28.11.2018 (Wednesday)
Posted Date 26-Nov-2018
ECI Directions regarding action to be taken for enforcement of model code od conduct after announcement of genral Election
Posted Date 22-Nov-2018
Workshop Regarding HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Act 2017 held on 19/09/2018
Posted Date 22-Nov-2018
Change in Nomenclature of the Nursing Staff of BMHRC-Staff Nurse- Grade-II Redesignated as Nursing Officer . Circular No : BMHRC/Admn/Nursing cadre/2018-19/7720
Posted Date 02-Nov-2018
Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Equipment recieved in BMHRC . Circular No: DIR/BMHRC/CIRCULAR/2018/569
Posted Date 11-Oct-2018
Office Memorandum No 31011/3/2018-Estt(A-IV) dated 20th September, 2018
Posted Date 04-Oct-2018
Admissibility of Nursing Allowance during absence of more than 30 days
Posted Date 19-Sep-2018
Posted Date 19-Sep-2018
Celebration of World Physiotherapy Day on September 8, 2018. Ref No. BMHRC/ADMIN/2018/7465
Posted Date 07-Sep-2018
Revision of income limit for dependency for the purpose of CGHS coverage to family members. Ref No. BMHRC/ADMIN/2018/7429
Posted Date 01-Sep-2018
Amendment in Standard Operating Procedures for Dependent Registration.Amendment No 03
Posted Date 31-Aug-2018
Regarding submission of personal Income Tax Return.
Posted Date 28-Aug-2018
Circular for House Allotment On BMHRC. Circular NO: BMHRC/DDES/Circular/150
Posted Date 20-Aug-2018
Observance of "SADBHAVNA DIWAS" on 20th aug 2018.Ref No. BMHRC/ADMIN/2018/7378
Posted Date 18-Aug-2018
Circular for Half day holiday on 17th aug 2018- Demise of shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee,Former Prime Minister of India. Circular No BMHRC/ADMIN/F.No.AAO-69/2018/7377
Posted Date 17-Aug-2018
Corrigendum for Cancellation of Circular No. BMHRC/DDES/Circular/3288
Posted Date 11-Aug-2018
Addendum to the SOP for the policy for Medical Reimbursement for the Employees and dependents on OPD basis.
Posted Date 11-Aug-2018
Circular for House Allotment On BMHRC. Circular NO: BMHRC/DDES/Circular/3288
Posted Date 06-Aug-2018
Office Memorandum - age of superannuation. Ref No. BMHRC/ADMIN/2018/7284
Posted Date 02-Aug-2018
Admissibility of air fare for children below the age of 5 years of the Government servants non-entitled to travel by air on LTC
Posted Date 07-Jul-2018
Circular Ref No. BMHRC/ADMIN/2018/6874
Posted Date 28-May-2018
Circular Ref No. BMHRC/ADMIN/2018/6873
Posted Date 28-May-2018
Circular Ref No. BMHRC/ADMIN/2018/6872
Posted Date 28-May-2018
Circular Ref No. BMHRC/ADMIN/2018/6871
Posted Date 28-May-2018
Circular Ref No. BMHRC/ADMIN/2018/6870
Posted Date 28-May-2018
OFFICE MEMORANDUM for Change of nomencloture of the post of Senior Medical Officer to Specialist Grode-III Ref No. BMHRC/ADMIN/2018/6865
Posted Date 28-May-2018
Circular regarding guidlines for clinical management of Glander disease. Ref. No. BMHRC/MSO/2018/301
Posted Date 22-May-2018
Circular for Continuous Medical Education (CME) and Training Programme. Ref. No. DIR/BMHRC/CIRCULAR/2018/561
Posted Date 20-Apr-2018
Declaration of holiday on 14th April 2018 (Saturday) - Birthday of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. Ref. No. BMHRC/ADMIN/F.No.AAO-69/2018/6701
Posted Date 09-Apr-2018
Applications for Allotment of vacant quaters. Ref. No. BMHRC/DDES/CIRCULAR/2017/3103
Posted Date 23-March-2018
Applications for Allotment of Type-II(D-Type) vacant quarter. Ref. No. BMHRC/DDES/CIRCULAR/2017/3104
Posted Date 23-March-2018
  Regarding Annual Report 2016-2017. Ref. No. DIR/BMHRC/CIRCULAR/2018/557
Posted Date 07-March-2018
  SOP for Local Purchase Committee(LPC) for Procurement of items other than Medicines and Medical Stores
Posted Date 06-Feb-2018
  ADMINISTRATION - other backward class (OBC) Category - liaison Officer - nominated - orders - issued. Ref No. BMHRC/Admin/Liaison officer - OBC/2018/6388
Posted Date 30-Jan-2018

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