Notification Regarding Birth & Death Certificate issued by BMHRC.
Posted Date 22-Dec-2016
  BMHRC O.P.D Schedule. Ref No:-BMHRC/REGI/2016/247
Posted Date 15-Dec-2016
  List of Holidays 2017
Posted Date 09-Dec-2016
  Change of date for holiday of Id-Ul-Milad.Ref No:-BMHRC/ADMIN/Circular/2016/4625
Posted Date 08-Dec-2016
Hon'ble Delhi High Court's order dated 07.07.2016 in W.P.(C) No. 8363/2010- Election Commission of India directions regarding.
Posted Date 18-Nov-2016
  Use of Generic Name of Drugs
Posted Date 09-Nov-2016
  Extension of last date for receiving application for the post of Director, BMHRC : Ref No. DIR/BMHRC/F.No.05/2016/416
Posted Date 07-Sep-2016
  Procedure for booking of air-tickets on LTC : Ref No. DIR/BMHRC/CIRCULAR/2016/4368
Posted Date 01-Sep-2016
For urgent compliance : Ref No. DIR/BMHRC/CIRCULAR/2015/545
Posted Date 05-Jul-2016
Standard Operating Procedure for Gas Victim Patients Registration : Amendment No 02, Date of Amendment - 09 June 2016
Posted Date 30-Jun-2016
Standard Operating Procedure for Gas Victim Dependent Patients Registration : Amendment No 02, Date of Amendment - 09 June 2016
Posted Date 30-Jun-2016
Declaration of Assets and Liablities by public servent under section 44 of the Lokpal and Lokayuktas Act, 2013: Ref No. BMHRC/ADMIN/2015/4124
Posted Date 25-Jun-2016
Online course on health research fundamentals: Ref No. DIR/BMHRC/Circular/2016/542
Posted Date 09-Jun-2016
Notification regarding Bio-Medical waste management: Ref No. Director/BMHRC/Notification/2016/41
Posted Date 02-Jun-2016
Grievances / Complaints / Representations in respect of BMHRC Employees: Ref No. DIR/BMHRC/Notification/2016/37.
Posted Date 13-May-2016
Central Secretariat Manual of office Procedure (CSMOP) - Reg: Ref No. DIR/BMHRC/Circular/2016/541.
Posted Date 02-May-2016
Unauthorized Communication with the press for News-Item on Bhopal Memorial Hospital & Research Centre (BMHRC), Bhopal. Ref No. DIR/BMHRC/OO/2016/596.
Posted Date 25-Apr-2016
Distribution of Smart Card. Ref No. DIR/BMHRC/OFFICE ORDER/2016/576.
Posted Date 06-Apr-2016.
Guidelines on losses of stock. Circular No. BMHRC/SMO/CIRCULAR/2013/02.
Posted Date 05-Mar-2016
E - Paripatra No: DIR/BMHRC/PARIPATRA/2015/536.
Posted Date 05-Mar-2016
Circular and applications for the post of Administrative Officer. Circular No. DIR/BMHRC/CIRCULAR/2015/535.
Posted Date 03-Mar-2016
Circular restraining all Government servants from communication with the Press unauthorizedly. Ref No. : Dir/BMHRC/OO/2016/556.
Posted Date 29-Feb-2016
Chevening fully funded fellowship for mid-career professionals : Reg. Ref No. : Dir/BMHRC/Circular/2016/534.
Posted Date 26-Feb-2016
Welcome Trust/DBT India Alliance Margdarshi Fellowship 2016 for scientists - Reg. Ref No. : Dir/BMHRC/Circular/2016/533.
Posted Date 26-Feb-2016
Circular regarding guidelines to be followed by BMHRC officers going abroad on private visit or as a tourists. Ref No. : Dir/BMHRC/Circular/2016/532.
Posted Date 16-Feb-2016
Circular regarding grant of financial assistance to BMHRC officers for attending International / Conference / Symposia abroad. Ref No. : Dir/BMHRC/Circular/2016/531.
Posted Date 16-Feb-2016
Welcome trust/DBT India alliance research training fellowship for clinicians -2016 reg. Ref No. : Dir/BMHRC/Circular/2016/530.
Posted Date 13-Feb-2016
Clinical and public health research fellowship -2016 reg. Ref No. : Dir/BMHRC/Notification/2016/23.
Posted Date 21-Jan-2016
Regarding purchase of medicine by Gas Victims. Ref No. : Dir/BMHRC/Circular/2015/527.
Posted Date 13-Jan-2016
Constitution of central Tender-cum-Procurement committee for processing tender/purchase proposal in respect of BMHRC, Bhopal. Ref No. : Dir/BMHRC/Notification/2015/19.
Posted Date 08-Jan-2016
Regarding launch of online Political Clearance System - - Circular No. : Dir/BMHRC/Circular/2015/526.
Posted Date 08-Jan-2016
Project from ICMR Institutes under "Uchhatar Avishkar Yojana" Ref No. : Dir/BMHRC/Notification/2015/18.
Posted Date 07-Jan-2016

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