Circular Ref No. : Dir/BMHRC/CIRCULAR/2015/524.
Posted Date 09-Dec-2015
List of holidays 2016.
Posted Date 07-Dec-2015
Circular Ref No. : BMHRC/ADMIN/F.No.01/2015/23rd November 2015/3346.
Posted Date 28-Nov-2015
Public procurement policy for micro and small enterprises. Ref No. : Annex/BMHRC/OO/544.
Posted Date 26-Nov-2015
committee for specification of equipment and consumables. Notification No. : DIR/BMHRC/Notification/2015/11.
Posted Date 10-Nov-2015
Technical specification committee for general items. Notification No. : DIR/BMHRC/Notification/2015/10.
Posted Date 10-Nov-2015
Notice regarding court summons. Notice no : BMHRC/ADMIN/2015/3255.
Posted Date 02-Nov-2015
Pledge taking ceremony of birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel on 30.10.2015. Circular no : DIR/BMHRC/Circular/2015/519.
Posted Date 29-Oct-2015
SOP for purchase of Equipment / Consumables for Extramural / Intramural projects. Circular no : DIR/BMHRC/Circular/2015/518.
Posted Date 29-Oct-2015
Regarding representation from Government servent on service matters reiteration of instruction. Circular no : DIR/BMHRC/Circular/2015/516.
Posted Date 29-Oct-2015
National Guidelines for Clean Hospital. Circular no : DIR/BMHRC/Circular/2015/514.
Posted Date 23-Oct-2015
Regarding amendment to Rule 3 of Central Civil Services (Conduct) Rules, 1964 - Need for code of Ethics and Values of Civil Services. Circular no : DIR/BMHRC/Circular/2015/515.
Posted Date 23-Oct-2015
Postponement of B. Sc. Nursing Examination to be held on 25 Oct 2015 in BMHRC-Reg. Circular no : DIR/BMHRC/Notification/2015/07.
Posted Date 23-Oct-2015
Bhopal Memorial Hospital and Research Centre BMHRC, Bhopal issues to be dealt with by Department of Health Research (DHR) directly. Circular no : DIR/BMHRC/Circular/2015/513.
Posted Date 23-Oct-2015
Regarding commuted leave (medical leave). Circular no : BMHRC/Admin/2015/3172.
Posted Date 14-Oct-2015
Recognition of Bhopal Memorial Hospital Paramedical Association. Reference no : 16/55/2010-Admin.II (BMHRC-3).
Posted Date 13-Oct-2015
Guidelines for protection of Good Samaritans. Notification no : DIR/BMHRC/Notification/2015/05.
Posted Date 13-Oct-2015
Safety precautions for using IT modules in BMHRC. Circular no : DIR/BMHRC/CIRCULAR/2015/510.
Posted Date 13-Oct-2015
The proper channel for representation / communication to be made by Government servent on their service matter and other issues. Circular no : DIR/BMHRC/CIRCULAR/2015/509.
Posted Date 13-Oct-2015
Circular no : DIR/BMHRC/CIRCULAR/2015/3156.
Posted Date 12-Oct-2015
Regarding Diplomate National Board Centralized Entrance Test for admission to Post MBBS Board Specialty DNB Courses, Post Doctoral Super Specialty DNB Courses, DNB Post Diploma Courses and Fellowship programme for admission session January 2016. Circular no : DIR/BMHRC/CIRCULAR/2015/508.
Posted Date 09-Oct-2015
Dengue treatment guideline, reporting format. Circular no : DIR/BMHRC/CIRCULAR/2015/507.
Posted Date 05-Oct-2015
Re-constitution of technical specification committee for general items. Circular no : DIR/BMHRC/CIRCULAR/2015/504.
Posted Date 22-Sept-2015
Re-Constitution of hospital level procurement committee (HLPC) at BMHRC, Bhopal. Circular no: DIR/BMHRC/CIRCULAR/2015/502.
Posted Date 15-Sept-2015
Regarding consent for testing for antibodies to HIV. Circular no : DIR/BMHRC/CIRCULAR/2015/500.
Posted Date 15-Sept-2015
Regarding new dengue requisition form. Circular no : DIR/BMHRC/CIRCULAR/2015/499.
Posted Date 15-Sept-2015
Regarding submission of proposals in Ethics Committee for approval. Circular no : DIR/BMHRC/CIRCULAR/2015/501.
Posted Date 14-Sept-2015
Regarding Drug Sensitivity bacteria. Circular no : DIR/BMHRC/CIRCULAR/2015/498.
Posted Date 14-Sept-2015
Queen Elizabeth II scholarship for students from Commonwealth Countries. Circular no : DIR/BMHRC/F.No.03/2015/497.
Posted Date 12-Sept-2015
Approved list of drugs for ORHC. Circular no : BMHRC/SMO/2015/001.
Posted Date 12-Sept-2015
Circular no : BMHRC/ADMIN/2015/3046.
Posted Date 09-Sept-2015
Re-Constitution of Institutional Ethics Committee(IEC) at BMHRC, Bhopal.
Posted Date 26-Aug-2015
Regarding Online Registration of Birth-Death.
Posted Date 25-Aug-2015
Regarding Patients' Medical Information.
Posted Date 20-Aug-2015
Steps to be taken for activation of Universal Account Number (UAN) by the EPF subscriber (Hindi).
Posted Date 20-Aug-2015
The minutes of the meeting for effective management in prevention, investigation and treatment of infectious diseases in rainy season.
Posted Date 20-Aug-2015
Steps to be taken for activation of Universal Account Number (UAN) by the EPF subscriber.
Posted Date 10-Aug-2015
Regarding acceptance of gift.
Posted Date 07-Aug-2015
Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships for academic year 2016-2017.
Posted Date 05-Aug-2015
Appointment of Mr. Mazhar Ullah Khan, Consultant Public Relation Officer) as Nodal Officer to look after all work related to Pending Issues at ICMR, New-Delhi.
Posted Date 31-July-2015
Abolition of all Departmental Funds w.e.f 5th Nov 2012.
Posted Date 29-July-2015
Referral of gas exposed individuals to BMHRC by NIREH doctors.
Posted Date 29-July-2015
Circular BMHRC/ADMIN/CIRCULAR/2015/2849
Posted Date 29-July-2015
Circular BMHRC/ADMIN/CIRCULAR/2015/2848
Posted Date 29-July-2015
Guide on Right to Information Act, 2005.
Posted Date 08-July-2015
Regarding amendment in CSMA rules of Ministry of Health & Family Walfare, New Delhi.
Posted Date 08-July-2015
Circular for New Dengu Requisition Form.
Posted Date 04-July-2015
Circular for immediate implementation of E-System in BMHRC, Bhopal.
Posted Date 27-June-2015
Authorised Medical Attendants (Valid for one year w.e.f. 01-04-2015 to 31-03-2016).
Posted Date 02-June-2015
Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho : Ministry of Education,Culture,Sport,Science and Technology(MEXT) Scholarships Program for the year 2016-Reg:.
Posted Date 16-May-2015
Post Doctoral Fellowship in Pediatric Surgical Gastroenterology at Sanjay Gandhi PGIMS ,Lucknow - Reg :.
Posted Date 16-May-2015
SOP for obtaining smart cards for gas victim dependents by Health Centres.
Posted Date 13-May-2015
Strict Compliance of the Provisions Contained in the Flag Code of India,2002 and prevention of Insults to National Honour Act,1971.
Posted Date 07-May-2015
BMHRC O.P.D Schedule
Posted Date 07-May-2015
Revised Standard Operating Procedures of Institutional Ethics Committee
Posted Date 29-Apr-2015
Organizing Cultural Activities at BMHRC, Bhopal
Visit report of Director BMHRC to BMHRC Campus on dated 06-04-2015 in Purview of forth coming road repair and undergoing settled floors & grit plaster rectification works
SOP/Guidelines on Six months Dissertation Programme
Presentations of estimates for patients sent by the chief minister relief fund / voluntary donation
Format for utilization certificate produced by the hospital
Furnishing of Information Relating to Assets and Liabilities by Public Servants Under Section 44 of the Lok Pal & Lokayutas Act,2013
Information on Social Media
Guidelines for prevention and control of dengue and chikungunya
Requirement of taking prior permission by Government servants for leaving station / headquarters
Adoption of CGHS Rates in lieu of BMHRC Rates for treatment of Non-Gas victim Patients
Submission of Property Return as on 31st January 2015
SOP for Registration of Dependents where both the Parents, Father or Mother are Gas Victims & Expired (Either the ID of Gas Victim was not generated or blocked)

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