Posting Information on Social Media.
Regarding prior permission before joining the Educational Institutes etc.
Contribution of one day’s salary to Prime Minister’s Relief Fund-Natural Calamity in Jammu & Kashmir.
Guidelines On Visiting External Faculty/Guest Lecturer in BMHRC, BHOPAL.
Guidelines for Seeking Prior Permission from Ministry of Civil Aviation, Govt. of India for Traveling by any Private Airlines Other than Air India.
Revision of Medical Reimbursement Claim (MRC) Form for CGHS Beneficiaries
BMHRC Revised O.P.D Schedule
Posted Date 04-Sep-2014
Prime Minister's National Relief Fund
Posted Date 03-Sept-2014
Strict Compliance of the Provisions Contained in the Flag Code of India, 2002 and Prevention of Insults to National Honour Act, 1971
Posted Date 27-Aug-2014
Foreign travel by ICMR Scientist and Other Staff
Posted Date 26-Aug-2014
Revised Standard Operating Procedures of Institutional Ethics Committee
Posted Date 14-Aug-2014
Official Facebook Account of ICMR
National Policy For Persons Disabilities
BMHRC/Admin/2014/Circular/ Sadbhavana Diwas
BMHRC O.P.D Schedule
Posted Date 23-July-2014
DOPT Guidelines on Retention of Records.
Posted Date 25-June-2014
Child Care Leave(CCl) in respective of Central Government Employees as a result of sixth pay Commission Recommendation- Clarification-Regarding.
Posted Date 19-June-2014
Information Regarding Fraudulent Employment Advertisements on Fake Websites
Posted Date 16-June-2014
Issue of ID Card of Student Circular.
Posted Date 24-May-2014
Continue (Issue of ID Card of Student Circular).
Posted Date 24-May-2014
List of Hospital/Diagnostic Centres Empanelled Under CGHS Bhopal.
Posted Date 08-May-2014
Application For Obtaining Accreditation by M.P. Medical Council
Posted Date 28-April-2014
Application For Research Projects/Clinical Studies Submitted To The Institutional Ethics Committee
Posted Date 12-April-2014
Reading Material On Office Procedure(Drafting/Noting/Communicating)
Posted Date 14-FEB-2014
Manual of Duties and Responsibilities of Nursing Staff
Posted Date 13-JAN-2014
Prior permission for Joining Educational Institute (BMHRC/2013/CIRCULAR/242)
Posted Date 02-JAN-2014

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