Transfusion Medicine, a BMHRC is a 24-hours-blood transfusion service with a facility of 100 % Blood component preparation and Aphaeresis technology with a provision for blood cell separation and therapeutic plasma exchange (Unique in M.P.) functional under the Drugs and Cosmetic Act of India (Lic. No. 28-C/6/2000).The blood center has automated equipment for appropriate screening of blood units for various transfusion transmissible diseases and is providing safe blood to the patients. All types of blood components like packed red blood cells, fresh frozen plasma, platelet concentrates and cryoprecipitate are available for optimum and best utilization of each unit of whole blood.

Modern antibody screening and cross-matching techniques along with immunohaematological tests are being performed at the department of transfusion medicine. Patients of certain diseases can be treated by Plasmapheresis and single donor products can be prepared with the help of the Blood cell separator. This type of blood transfusion facility is one of the very few of its kind in the state.


  1. Transfusion medicine at BMHRC is one of the very few of its kinds in the country, in erms of facilities, equipment, work protocols and expertise of staff with 100 % blood components and apheresis facility.
  2. Departmental recognitions
    1. As a center for External Quality assurance for HIV testing in 2004.
    2. Deputed as National nodal training centre under since 2005 for Blood Safety Program for training personnel from two states of MP and Chattisgarh.
    3. As a state reference laboratory for MP in 2007.
    4. Given responsibility to start, voluntary testing centre ICTC for HIV in 2008 (now with Microbiology).
    5. As blood component separation unit. Additional staff and financial support from NACO since 2007 till
    6. Got permission to hold outdoor voluntary donation camps in April 2010, the first in private charitable sector in MP.
    7. Successful management of dengue epidemic
Hospital Transfusion Medicine
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