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  Bhopal Memorial Hospital & Research Centre

Report of ICD Wise summary of Disease Burden in gas victims and their dependents seen at 8 Health Centres of BMHRC. Posted date:- 11 May 2016.

Report of ICD Wise Disease summary of In-Patients treated at BMHRC (Main Hospital). Posted date:- 11 May 2016.

“Caring is a way of life”. This is the motto at Bhopal Memorial Hospital and Research Centre, a 350-bedded multi-specialty tertiary care centre situated at Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, which is the centre / heart of India. The institute was started as per the directive of the honorable Supreme Court of India to provide advanced tertiary level super-specialty care to the victims of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy (1984) as well as to extend its services to the public at large.  

The hospital is a referral and tertiary care centre for the thousands of gas tragedy victims who are first seen at the primary care level in the 8 mini units (satellite health centers) spread around in the city, and then referred to the advanced and specialized departments at the hospital.  

A sprawling, lush, green campus with a serene atmosphere greets the patients and their families when they reach the hospital. A tribute to the gas victims named “Homage & Hope” provides a soothing and reassuring feeling to the patients and their families.  

The state-of-the-art infrastructure of the hospital building with strategically designed health care facilities literally takes the breath away and yet lends a professionally confident quality to our care. Additional facilities like easily accessible rest homes and cafeterias add to the comfort level of patients and their caretakers.  

It takes a lot more than engineering and technology to make up a hospital. A team of diligent and dedicated highly qualified medical professionals, including specialists and super specialists, ably supported by efficient and warm nursing and paramedical staff is the crowing glory of this institution.

Health care is just the first step in our service to the community, and can never be complete without research and spreading knowledge through teaching. The institute has a highly advanced research centre. Teaching facilities include a nursing college and a paramedical institute. DNB courses are offered in some of the super-specialties like Cardio-thoracic Surgery, Gastro-surgery, Anesthesia and Critical Care, and Cardiology. Courses in other specialties will soon be available.

                                     OUR MISSION

The mission of Bhopal Memorial Hospital & Research Centre is to provide medical facilities and excellent health care services to the survivors of Bhopal Gas Disaster and their dependents. The same services are also extended to the public at large.


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